How to use disposable face towels


After washing your face, take a paper towel and gently […]

After washing your face, take a paper towel and gently wipe the excess water on your face. Nowadays, the disposable face towel can not only wipe the excess water on the face, but also can be used as a makeup remover, exfoliating and nail polish remover, to wipe the lotion on a disposable mask. First of all, you can replace the towel to wash your face. This is also the most basic way to use it. The specific method is to moisten the face wash towel after washing your face. Gently make a circular motion on the face until the foam on the face is cleaned. Squeeze the moisture from the washcloth and press the remaining moisture on the face.

The face towel has better tenacity and is better than other cotton pads. It can easily take away the makeup on the face and is not easy to deform. You can put the makeup remover on the face towel and gently wipe the makeup on the face. Until the makeup is completely removed, you can find that it is cleaner than the makeup remover.

In addition to its soft and skin-friendly material, the face towel is not easily deformed. Moreover, it has a larger area than cotton pads. Therefore, you do not want to use cotton pads when applying wet compresses. You can use disposable face towels. Its water absorption effect is very good. Well, just use one sheet to cover the entire face.

Exfoliating and cleaning up excess dirt on the face can be used. The face towel is used to clean up these dirt and then remove the makeup mask. When there is dirt on the face, you can directly wipe it off with a paper towel. It is simple and convenient.

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