Is non woven bag making business profitable?


Which is cheaper, paper bags, or non-woven bags? Paper […]

Which is cheaper, paper bags, or non-woven bags?

Paper bags and non-woven bags are Eco-friendly items, used for holding the stuff. As they are made up of the high-quality materials so they will never cause harm to the environment but if I talk about the cheaper bags then paper bags are cost-effective than non-woven bags. Most of the business advertisers and retail stores always choose paper bags instead of traditional non-woven bags because they are durable and cost-effective. Many promoter love to choose the paper bags in comparison to non-woven bags because it can easily highlight any brand name and can be purchased out by any of the marketer because they are inexpensive than non-woven bags so now I can say that paper bags are most popular items that can be easily seen in many public places such as malls, supermarkets, grocery shops, etc. and because of its cheapness, many people love to get paper bags.




Is non woven bag making business profitable?

Any business, if you are doing it in a way that is little different from others will make you profitable. Coming to your Question.

Non woven Bags is the need of the time. It is alternate for plastic bags and it has the following advantages

100% recyclable
Bio-degradable and can burn without toxic contaminants
No PVC coating or water used in manufacturing process
Greater durability means they are more reusable
Screen printing available

But it is costlier compared to plastic bags. So Shops will always go for plastic bags in INDIA.

We need to find out multiple ways to market the Non Woven bags

Exporting is one good option, as it is cheaper to manufacture in India compared to other countries
Designed Non woven bags will have greater demand among retail customers
D-Cut bags can be used in grocery shops
You can start an website and market it for corporate business with specific designs
You can use it for advertising. Similar to ads in News papers. You can get ads from big product based companies and print on your non woven bag and distribute for free in the main areas. you can print multiple company ads in single woven bag.

First you’ll have to make sure that you want to go in manufacturing of non-woven bag manufacturing business or want to go for trading plus printing of non-woven bags?

As manufacturing unit will require a lot of money for just start-up phase!

On the other hand you can go for printing and trading business as well, as you’ll just have to register your business or may be a mediator who gets orders for a supplier. Printing machines are relatively cheaper and can work with multiple sizes, where in manufacturing, you’ll get a machine which will operate on different rate for different sizes.

So make sure what you’re going to so, do some research and then jump in that business!

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