Nonwoven material composition determines its use


        The improvement of the quality of life will als […]

        The improvement of the quality of life will also increase people's demand for material. The quality of clothes and the quality of daily necessities are very important. Many supplies in daily life need the cooperation of cloth. The quality of cloth is related to the quality of these finished products. Most of the cloth products on furniture are made of non-woven fabric. What are the composition of non-woven material? A brief introduction, non-woven fabric, also known as non-woven fabric, is composed of oriented or random fibers. This kind of fabric is moisture-proof, breathable, flexible, non-combustible, non-toxic and cheap. This kind of cloth is also very simple to maintain, just keep the cloth clean and dry.
        According to the composition of non-woven fabrics, it is suitable for making many things. Today's furniture is popular in fabrics. This kind of fabric is very suitable. It is used for strong and stain-resistant furniture, at the same time, the cost is low, and environmentally friendly. The fabrics are made with harmful ingredients, which cause different degrees of damage to the human body. Non-woven furniture is suitable for placing in various styles of homes, and it is more suitable for the elderly with children in the home. This kind of fabric is natural and safe, and has no harmful substances.
        In addition to sofas, this kind of fabric is also suitable for shopping bags. Nowadays people pay attention to environmental protection. Supermarkets use plastic bags. However, this kind of plastic bag is costly and not environmentally friendly. However, cloth bags are different. Non-woven bags are one This green product is tough, durable, beautiful in shape and reusable. In addition, you can also advertise in the cloth bag. Different malls can use the name of the mall to print on it, and they can use this shopping bag for publicity, and the publicity is also very strong. What to do if the bag is dirty, you can wash the stains off with water. There are many uses for non-woven fabrics.

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