The importance of disposable toilet seat paper


With the advancing of the times, our quality of life ha […]

With the advancing of the times, our quality of life has gradually improved. Squatting toilets are rarely seen in many families, but all families that have requirements for life use sitting toilets. However, when we use sitting toilets, we rarely use disposable toilet seat cushions. Most families sit directly on the toilet. This still has a certain impact on our health. Disposable toilets Cushion paper can handle our worries well.

Now, whether in parks, stations or still, seat toilets are widely used. Because of the high mobility of people in these places, the complexity of the personnel situation, and the different habit of defecation, some people even regard the seat toilet as a squatting toilet. At this time, the disposable toilet almost shows its value. With the disposable toilet , The sanitary protection problem of the toilet can be handled conveniently. In addition to the use of the disposable toilet after delivery, it can also be used during travel and play.

Avoided interleaving, and the disposable toilet paper after use can be recycled and reused in industry and agriculture, will not cause resource waste, and will not cause environmental pollution, which is in line with the concept of green environmental protection.

The disposable toilet seat ( is a disposable item and cannot be reused. Some disposable toilet cushions are planned with a water barrier on the inside to avoid splashing water. You should see it clearly when using it and don't tear it by mistake.


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