The use of non-woven fabrics


Its main uses can be roughly divided into:      (1) Med […]

Its main uses can be roughly divided into:

     (1) Medical and sanitary non-woven fabrics: surgical gowns, protective clothing, sterilization wraps, masks, diapers, civilian rags, wipes, wet facial towels, magic towels, soft towel rolls, beauty supplies, sanitary napkins, hygiene care Pads and disposable sanitary cloths, etc .;
     (2) Non-woven fabrics for home decoration: wall stickers, tablecloths, bed sheets, bed covers, etc .;
     (3) Non-woven fabrics for clothing: lining, adhesive lining, flakes, shaped cotton, various synthetic leather base fabrics, etc .;
     (4) Industrial non-woven fabrics; filter materials, insulating materials, cement packaging bags, geotextiles, covering fabrics, etc .;
     (5) Agricultural non-woven fabrics: crop protection fabrics, seedling raising fabrics, irrigation fabrics, thermal insulation curtains, etc .;
     (6) Other disposable non woven wipes: space cotton, thermal insulation and sound insulation materials, linoleum, cigarette filter, tea bags, etc.

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