Use toilet seat paper correctly


The disposable toilet seat paper in the bathroom is the […]

The disposable toilet seat paper in the bathroom is the paper that is placed on the toilet seat. In many public toilets, automatically replaceable plastic film cushions are installed on the seat to prevent the spread. One person, one toilet, in winter It also keeps warm. If you want to reduce the spread of disease, it is important to keep the toilet ventilated and dry. It is recommended to frequently use exhaust fans or open windows to keep the bathroom ventilated and dry. Keep ventilating 2 to 3 times a day for about half an hour each time.

Now, although all kinds of toilets made of nano-materials are already on the market, for most ordinary families, changing the toilet is not a convenient thing. Therefore, paying attention to the health of the bathroom may wish to start with the small things around you. For example, clean the dirt in the toilet in time.

The toilet is easy to be contaminated with urine stains, feces and other dirt. If you find that there are still residues after flushing, you must promptly remove it with a toilet brush, otherwise it will easily form macular stains, and mold and bacteria will grow.

In order to be hygienic and healthy, it is not enough to clean the dirt in the toilet. Insiders reminded that the toilet brush is an important tool to keep the toilet clean. If you do not pay attention to cleaning and drying, it will also become a source of pollution. Every time you finish brushing the dirt, the brush will inevitably be stained with dirt. You have to rinse it with water again, rinse it off, drain the water, spray the disinfectant, or soak it in the disinfectant regularly, and place it in a suitable place.

When cleaning the toilet daily, pay attention to keeping the toilet brush and toilet seat clean and dry, and prevent bacteria and microorganisms from breeding, which can easily become a source of pollution in the family. After using the toilet brush, it should be rinsed first, then soaked in sterilizing liquid, and hung to dry. The toilet seat should also be cleaned and sterilized regularly. If it is made of cloth and other materials, it should be washed and sterilized frequently.

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