What are industrial wipes, features and applications


Industrial wiping cloth, virgin wood pulp + long fiber […]

Industrial wiping cloth, virgin wood pulp + long fiber material with special processing technology, pure texture, strong and not easy to break, efficient water and oil absorption.
Use selection: In daily use, industrial wipes, industrial wipes, and non-woven fabrics are often mixed. As the name suggests, industrial wipes have a cloth texture. It does not have the warp and weft of the cloth, and is similar to non-woven fabrics, with the characteristics of non-woven fabrics that are dust-free and the high-efficiency water and oil absorption characteristics of paper towels. However, industrial wipes do not have the shortcomings of non-woven fabrics that have poor water and oil absorption and that paper towels are fragile. Through these characteristics, we can quickly identify industrial wipes, industrial wipes and non-woven fabrics, and prevent selection errors.

Features of industrial wipes:
Product Features:
Ultra-low dust, save a lot of wiping time
The paper is delicate and will not scratch the surface being wiped
Anti-static film, effectively prevent static electricity and dust generation
Good wet and dry strength, not easy to break
100% virgin wood pulp with special processing technology, pure texture, high water absorption
A variety of specifications to meet different needs

Use industry:  Laboratory, optical fiber manufacturing, communication equipment manufacturing, electronics industry, optical instrument manufacturing, optoelectronic manufacturing, screen printing, precision instrument manufacturing

Application process:  Science, analysis and other precision instruments wipe clean, with solvent for product surface cleaning, precision components wipe, printing equipment cleaning * special parts packaging.

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