Dry and wet baby cotton towel soft skin wholesale

Dry and wet baby cotton towel soft skin wholesale

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Terms of payment and delivery:FOB
Minimum order quantity:10000
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Delivery time:20-30 Days
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Made of cotton spunlace, it is soft, skin-friendly and suitable for facial cleansing, beauty remover, daily cleaning and so on. With a professional R & D team, it provides technical support for continuously optimizing product production and improving product quality, and also provides customers with more intimate and more precise product customization services.

1.Toughness is not easy to break: adopts three-dimensional cross-compilation method to improve the toughness and durability of cotton towel

2.wet and dry: can replace the traditional towel use, water and water release performance is good, comfortable and refreshing, no deformation after wet water

3.convenient extraction: easy to take, diverse uses, intimate care

4.mesh process: flexible, not easy to fall

5.Fluorescent-free: no chemical added, no odor, skin-friendly

Suitable for cleansing and cleansing, maternal and child application, home use, travel, fruit and vegetable wiping, men's available




Non-woven material:

Natural cotton, viscose, polyester, wood pulp composite fabric, etc.

Non-woven type:

Plain, mesh, pearl, EF, etc.

Non-woven fabric weight:


Non-woven fabric specifications:

10*20cm、16*20cm、18*20cm、20*20cm、25*20cm, etc. can be customized

Non-woven folding type:

1/4 fold, point break, hand in hand, slice, etc. can be customized

type of packaging:

1-120 Sheet/package/box


Handmade bags, automatic bags, zipper bags, etc. can be customized

Packaging material:

PE, coated paper, shrink film, film, prefabricated bags, etc. can be customized

Minimum order quantity:

10-39 Sheet cotton towel:10000 Bag/box

40-79 Sheet cotton towel:10000 Bag/box

80-100 Sheet cotton towel:10000 Bag/box

Boxed rag:5000 box

Roll rag:10000 volume

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