How to use toilet paper correctly?


It is inevitable to stay in hotels or guesthouses durin […]

It is inevitable to stay in hotels or guesthouses during business trips. For example, in densely populated places such as at the station, facing the situation of multiple people sharing the toilet, many times people are very entangled, and then solve the problem under unhappy conditions, which seems clean. According to a foreign report, through research and testing, there are at least 295 bacterial cells accumulated per square inch (6.452 square centimeters), close to 300, and at least 32% of public toilets. There is dysentery bacillus, and what is even more frightening is that at least one kind of bacteria survives on the toilet for as long as 17 days!

Many people are wondering how to use Disposable Non-woven toilet seat?Introduce the correct use of the disposable toilet seat finger:

1. First take out a piece of toilet seat paper from the paper box and open it in the reverse direction according to the folding method. After opening, you will see a roughly rectangular piece of paper. At this time, the connection point in the center is not torn. Please find the connection point. And cut off the adhesion on the left, right, and front.

2. Spread the processed seat cushion paper flat on the toilet seat gasket, and the curved small piece torn in the center will naturally fall into the water. At this time, you can go to the toilet, which is safe and environmentally friendly through high temperature disinfection. It dissolves in water immediately after use, does not block the toilet, is healthy and hygienic. The skin does not directly touch the toilet to avoid disease transmission caused by sharing the toilet. It plays a good role in separating bacteria and avoids the discomfort caused by human skin directly touching the toilet seat. Convenient and safe, simple packaging, easy to carry, suitable for sightseeing, business and other situations, can be used in homes, airplanes, high-speed rail, tourism, hotels and other places.


3. After going to the toilet, throw the cushion paper into the toilet and flush it away with water.

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