Why use disposable toilet seat paper?


The toilet is an indispensable sanitation facility in h […]

The toilet is an indispensable sanitation facility in human life. As the saying goes, "people have three urgency." The toilet is where we go every day.

According to statistics from the World Toilet Organization, each person goes to the toilet 6-8 times a day, about 2500 times a year. On average, a person spends about 3 years in the toilet in his lifetime. Therefore, the importance of the bathroom to people's lives is self-evident.

The toilet is something we come into contact with every day. If the toilet is not hygienic, it may cause damage to our health. According to statistics, due to the lack of a clean and hygienic toilet environment, 1.5 million children worldwide have chronic diarrhea and even die of diarrhea every year, which causes disasters to human health and the environment.

Ordinary toilet seats have small microorganisms that we can't see with the naked eye: bacteria, fungi or parasites that cause infectious diseases.

According to the statistics of scientists, there are 3.2 million bacteria on the inner wall of every 30 square centimeters of toilet. On ordinary cushions in contact with the skin, up to 32% of dysentery bacilli that seriously harm human health were detected. In particular, public toilets have many users, and many of them may be infected to others by contaminating toilet cushions.

Therefore, many people are worried about toilet hygiene. When using toilets, especially public toilets, they will wipe the toilet seat with paper towels and then use paper towels to pad. This may make many people feel more at ease. But in fact, this does not completely solve the hygiene problem. Therefore, the use of disposable toilet pads is a necessary sanitary measure.

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